Un gros drapeau sur l’Ama Dablam

Une expédition Koweitienne a effectué l’ascension de l’Ama Dablam la semaine dernière et ils y ont déployé un immense drapeau au couleur du pays de golfe persique. Le drapeau était si grand qu’il était visible à 12km de distance. Un stunt qui se veut – évidemment – un record du monde. La banderole d’une dimension de 100m X 30m, et pesant 150 kg, était composée de 6 longs rouleaux de tissu aux couleurs du Koweït : rouge, vert et noir.

Le département Népalais du Tourisme et de la Montagne mène actuellement une enquête car il semble que les personnes impliquées n’avaient pas les autorisations nécessaires afin de « déployer un aussi grand drapeau ». Fait à noter, Nims Purja faisait partie de l’équipe. Ce dernier est récemment passé à la postérité en grimpant les 14 8000m en moins de 6 mois. Un canadien, Elia Saikaly, était aussi sur l’Ama Dablam lors de « l’exploit » et il a souligné le tout sur son compte Instagram, sans cautionner le geste cependant.

Plusieurs ont décrié l’acte dont Alan Arnette qui titrait sur son blog : Mal, Mal, Mal. Défigurer l’Ama Dablam.

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Summit of Ama Dablam! . I really didn’t know what else to do after being on the summit for over 90 minutes other than to sit down next to prayer flags and count my blessings. What was unfolding in front of my eyes was just too surreal to make sense of so a selfie with Everest in the distance felt appropriate. There’s just too much to type up in one post so I’ll give you the highlights for now. . World’s largest flag (150kg – 100m x 30m) was successfully hung from 6812m above sea level. . Go back and read that last sentence because it was absolutely insane that @nimsdai and his crew pulled this off. . KFLAG heroes project was a success. . Yousef Alshatti, my Kuwait Spartan brother, summited Ama Dablam on his first ever climb. . @sherpapk and I raced upwards and waited. Raced higher and waited. Made noodles at 3am to kill time on summit night while filming @q8_spartan . . I may have a fractured rib from a week ago when I fell asleep walking down the mountain. I was also suffering from a horrible GI infection, but that was no grounds to slow me down. . Shot it all. . Shared another summit with my bestie PK who thanked me for making a dream of his come true. . Rappelled the Yellow Tower in the dark with Mr. PK who figured a half can of Red Bull was enough to get us to basecamp from C2 in the dark after the summit. He was right. . Ama Dablam is no joke. Definitely far tougher than Everest. It’s steep and relentless. She never lets up. . I’ll no longer wonder what this stunning masterpiece of a mountain looks like up close, because we stood on her crown. And she was VERY kind to all of us. . @nimsdai and @fmq3 – I’m not sure who is the craziest here. Nims for making it happen, Fouad for dreaming it up or me for agreeing to come along and shoot it. You guys are legends! . Very grateful to be down and back to Kathmandu. Gratitude and eternal thanks to Ama Dablam for allowing us to stand up there and return safely. . #AmaDablam #nepal #himalayas #earth #beautifulearth #adventure #explore #expedition @kflag_heroes

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